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12 Eco-friendly, Minimalist, Meaningful Children’s Gifts That Last

Last year I made the Ultimate List of Eco-friendly, Minimalist Gifts for Kids and it has been my most popular post ever since.

This year, I wanted to add a few more items to the list, so that’s how this post came about. I asked the following questions to find the best, eco-friendly, minimalist gifts for kids:

***Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, and if you decide to purchase anything from suggested links or companies, I may receive a commission. Recommended products are either things I love using or think would be helpful for you. Making your purchase using these affiliate links helps keep this site running, so thank you kindly!

  • Does your children’s gift “Spark Joy?”
  • Does your children’s gift inspire open-ended play?
  • Is your children’s gift  long-lasting? (Can it be used and reused for many years?)
  • Is your children’s gift ethically made or can it be recycled or upcycled?
  • Is your children’s gift meaningful?

Eco-friendly Minimalist Meaningful Childrens Gifts That Last

  1. The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh – You can’t go wrong with this classic. Both kids and adults love the story and it’s one of the very few books you can find without violence or death. Book gifts are also an excellent way to bond with your kid and it’s something you can share and use for many years to come.

    Lottie Doll Always Artsy – Blush of Rose from the Flora Collection.
  2. Lottie Doll Always Artsy – These award-winning dolls are for kids of all ethnicities and are inspiring and empowering. The companie’s motto is “Be Bold, Be Brave, BE YOU!” When we saw this doll for the first time, it said on the box that it does NOT wear high heels, make-up nor high heel shoes and has a child-like body that can actually stand. So my first thought was – “Oh, this means that most other dolls are the opposite?!” And when I thought of other dolls, indeed I realized that they usually had make-up or high heels or came with jewelry and adult-like (or non-human-like) bodies. So Lottie dolls are great because they provide a positive body image and are more realistic. PLUS, you can add fun accessories like this inspiring Astronaut Adventures Clothing Set for creative pretend play.

    Lottie Doll Outfit Astro – Blue Jasmine from the Flora Collection.
  3. SmartLab Toys Squishy Human Body – This toy is not recommended for children under 3, but Adèle is extremely dexterous and has been playing (under adult supervision) with it since she was one year old. It was an excellent way to introduce digestion and internal organs and is the best anatomy toy we have been able to find so far. Not only does it promote learning anatomy, but it also encourages fine motor skill development. It comes with a book and a poster that can be used as a matching game. The Squishy Human Body can be used for many years and when your child is ready to move up to more complex anatomy models, you can use this one as a decorative display item with the included stand.
  4. eeBoo Life on Earth Memory Matching Game – Made from recycled board and printed with soy-based inks, this memory game is excellent for family bonding time. It has cute, kid-friendly illustrations and is the perfect game for improving your and your child’s memory and focus skills.
  5. Thames & Kosmos Happy Atoms Magnetic Molecular Modeling Set – This kit does come with an app, but your child CAN use it without one. It is a great hands-on way to learn about molecules, atoms and bonds. An excellent STEM toy for budding scientists and kids interested in chemistry.
  6. Creativity for Kids Grow ‘n Glow Terrarium – We’ve given a number of these terrariums as gifts. The fun thing about it is that your child can decorate it and take ownership and care of something that they can actually grow and water. This terrarium can also glow and is another fun STEM toy that teaches about plants and their life cycle.
  7. Royal & Langnickel Premier Sketching and Drawing Deluxe Art Set, 134-Piece – This is everything a budding artist would need to experiment. An all-in-one kit that’s great for artists big and small. All materials come with a wooden case and are not only easy to carry, but have the advantage of neat storage.
  8. Brother Sewing Machine XM2701 – Adèle has been interested in sewing since she was 3 and while this machine is easy to learn how to use, it’s more suitable for older children and adults. It’s great for any beginner at any age and is a must-have item for any household. A great tool to help you make toys and clothes together with your child.
  9. Ravensburger The Earth 540 Piece 3D Jigsaw Puzzle for Kids and Adults – 2-in1: this  puzzle comes with a display stand and turns into a globe! We love it because it’s multi-use and encourages family bonding. It’s perfect for families who love to travel and for learning geography.
  10. Hape Flexistix STEM Building Creativity Kit – A fun construction set made from sustainable bamboo, water-based paint and silicone. We like it for its simplicity and sustainability.
  11. Hape Discovery Space Center Kid’s Wooden Playscape Set with Accessories – If your child is interested in space, you really can’t go wrong with this set. When Adèle saw it in a shop, she hugged the box and wouldn’t let go. It’s designed like a doll house and assembling it is as educational and fun as playing with it. Like other Hape toys, this space center is made from wood and has a non-toxic paint finish. It is also a recipient of multiple awards.
  12. Color Your Own Mugs and Coasters Set – Adèle decorated her first ceramic pottery at Amazing Glaze when she was 3 and has been eating from it ever since. She is always so proud to show guests that she eats from a bowl that she painted herself. Now, if you can’t fly to Baltimore just for this memorable experience, then try these DIY ceramic Mugs. Adèle actually received her DIY ceramic mug as a gift from someone we recently met, and it made her so very happy. These mugs make the perfect, warming gift for the holiday season. Your child can also decorate the mugs and give them to family and friends – a memorable, personable gift to look at and use daily.If you liked this creative idea, save it to Pinterest so that others can try it too! 💖12 Eco-friendly, Minimalist, Meaningful Children's Gifts That Last

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