Rainy Day Activities for Kids / MyMayu Traveller Boots Review


We have been slow traveling the world for some time now, and when we found out that our next stop was going to be Ireland (one of the rainiest places on earth), I contacted Suzanne at MyMayu for help. She very generously offered to send a pair of MyMayu Traveller Boots for Adèle to test in this new climate, and I promised I’d write all about our adventurous, so here it goes.

First of all, Adèle has been wearing MyMayu boots for a few years now (read this post), but we wanted something even more water proof because she plays so wildly. After using MyMayu Traveller Boots for 3 months now and always returning with dry feet, I assure you that these are the most waterproof, eco-friendly, minimalist boots you will find!

Here they are, all brand new, on our first encounter with Irish rain.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTS ReviewIt took me some time to figure it out, but now I just make bunny ears with the elastic fasteners the way I would with normal laces. However, you can also tuck them in the way you see in this photo.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTSThe first time she wore these boots we walked around town for 2+ hours and I encouraged her to jump in ALL the puddles. Many people looked with smiling faces as she splashed in the deepest puddles we found. You could tell they wished to jump in, too.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTSI kept on asking Adèle if her feet were dry, and she kept on saying that they were. But I just couldn’t believe her at first because some puddles were higher than her ankles.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTS ReviewAlong the way she made some lovely footprint art with water.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTSAnd then jumped some more. We even ran into another gild who had the same MyMayu boots – what are the chances, right!? I talked with the girl’s father and he confirmed that these were the best boots ever and that his daughter’s feet stayed dry and warm in the rain.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTSHere is what the boots looked like after a few weeks of use. Notice how sometimes she wears it over her pants and sometimes under. They go up just under the knees, so either way they will protect the legs from wetness.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTSYou can buy liners for these boots to make them all-season. When it’s warmer we take the liners out, but I do highly recommend getting liners if you want your child to wear them in all weather conditions.MyMayu TRAVELLER BOOTSThe best thing about MyMayu Traveller Boots is that they are very flexible and lightweight, so your child will be able to run, jump and do all the crazy stuff that kids do without being weighted down. Also, with some practice, Adèle learned how to put them on and take them off by herself, so that’s an extra bonus. 😉

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Here are our current favorite activities for rainy weather:

  1. Making land art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy‘s book Time. Adèle loved the idea of rain shadows from Andy’s book and tried to recreated her own. Here she lay still as the rain started so that where she lay would stay dry and create a “shadow.” (Note, this photo was taken before we received MyMayu boots and the boots in this photo are NOT waterproof).Andy Goldsworthy Rain Shadow
  2. Making watermarks on concrete with a scooter, a bike or boots.
  3. Climbing trees. Yes, they can be slippery and you should teach your child how to do it safely. But with good footwear like MyMayu Traveller Boots, your child will have more of a grip and be able to have more control while climbing.MyMayu Traveller Boots ReviewFor more ideas for outdoor activities on rainy days, read my article: 10 Reasons Why Your Child Should Go Outside on a Rainy Day.

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