DIY Wand for Giant Soap Bubbles

Our friends in Tuscany have a wonderful soap bubble making business. How awesome is that!?!

They gave Adèle one of their soap bubble kits for her 4th birthday, and she’s been obsessed with them ever since.

One day, she was even super lucky to learn how to make her own wand for giant soap bubbles, so I’ll share a bit of that with you here.

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Best Giant Soap Bubbles

First of all, to make giant soap bubbles, you need to have the right solution. You can try mixing glycerine with dishwashing liquid as a fun science experiment to see what happens. However, if you want to consistently get GIANT soap bubbles that do not pop right away and amaze, then I suggest you buy this Giant Soap Bubble concentrate. The 500ml bottle lasts us about a month if we use it for 1 hour every singe day. We’ve had our last bottle for 2 years now and it’s still half full as Adèle hasn’t been using it daily. So it’s really a great investment and the alchemic solution lasts for a long time.

***Note: this concentrate works with tap water only. Do NOT use spring water as the chemical reaction won’t be the same.

How to Make a DIY Want for Giant Soap Bubbles


You can use any sticks, even wooden spoons. But if you want something pretty, then our friends at Il Carretto delle Bolle use bamboo sticks. They use shorter sticks for kids and longer ones for adults. If you don’t want to make your own, they also sell them on their website._DSF7534

First, cut your sticks to size. Then, drill a hole at the end of each stick._DSF7535

Using a needle or a hairpin, thread wool yarn through one of the sticks and tie a knot._DSF7536


Thread a washer through next._DSF7539


And then thread the other end of your yarn through the second stick.


Tie a knot on the other end and voila. It should look like this:



You can use different color wool yarn to personalise your giant soap bubble wand.


Or tie knots before threading (as in this photo, for example) to make more than one bubble at a time. If you do this, then make sure to thread through a washer each time (at the bottom of each triangle) before tying the knots.

How to Use Your DIY Giant Soap Bubble Wand


  1. Dip the wand in the Giant Soap Bubble concentrate.
  2. Hold both sticks together as you, slowly, lift them above the container.
  3. Let the soap drain into the container. Show your kids how to do it, otherwise they will be wasting a lot of soap.
  4. Slowly, separate the sticks.
  5. If there is no wind, move the sticks to one side (hold one on top of the other) and pull.
  6. ENJOY and have fun!

_DSF7410 copy


***Note: To store your giant soap bubble wand, wrap the wool yarn around them like this.

Other fun Ways to use Soap Bubbles


  1. Have your child pick a dandelion and remove the flower. The stem is hollow inside. As a fun experiment, you can dip the stem of a dandelion in soap bubble solution and blow gently to make bubbles. On a side note, to learn more about dandelions, watch this amazing time lapse of how it grows.
  2. Use wire or found objects to make wands for giant soap bubbles.
  3. You can also add a little plant-based, vegan food coloring to your soap bubble solution and then have your child make bubbles over a piece of art paper. (Make sure clothes and surroundings are protected, though, or they may stain). When the bubbles burst over your art paper, they will make an interesting design and you’ll have a new work of art to add to your wall.

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