The Only Toy a Child Needs

Waboba Wingman Flying Silicone DiscIt’s almost the end of the year and I was reflecting on which toys we purchased for Adèle this year. After a LOT of thinking and remember, it turned out that we only bought her ONE toy this entire year and it’s been a great investment for a few very good reasons.

It’s not a toy she “needs.” In fact, I don’t think children NEED any toys. They might want them, and we might find some toys educational or useful for one reason or another, but they don’t actually NEED any of them.

Now, we do live in a materialistic society so chances are that we are going to buy our kids toys – even those of us who are very minimalistic.

So wether you like the idea of your kids having lots of toys or just a few, if you’ve been following my blog you will know that I like to promote toys that are useful and will last a long time.

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So this year, the toy that made my criteria is the Waboba Wingman Flying Silicone Disc.

Here is why we think it’s a great investment:

  1. I’ve written about why I love balls as a go-to gift for kids, but frisbees are almost better because they are small enough and easy to carry around. Ours is SUPER light so I carry it with me everywhere we go.
  2. Someitmes Adèle feels too shy to talk, and this frisbee has been an ice-breaker on a handful of occasions. She has even made some friends at the park with its help!
  3. It can be used by kids and adults of different ages.
  4. It promotes movement and outdoor play.
  5. Because it’s so soft, you can even use it in some indoor spaces without causing damage.

If you’d like to give frisbees a try as well, here are the most eco-friendly ones I could find on the market:

Waboba Wingman Flying Silicone Disc || Bundle of 3 Multi-Colors LoveLotte Eco Disc Biodegradable Bamboo Frisbee Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc

  1. Waboba Wingman Flying Silicone Disc || Bundle of 3 Multi-Colors
  2. Green Toys EcoSaucer Flying Disc
  3. LoveLotte Eco Disc Biodegradable Bamboo Frisbee

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