Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners

Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners TipsCOFFEE PAINTING FOR BEGINNERS

My mom wrote a picture book about painting with raw cacao for Adèle, so of course she wanted to try and make her own “chocolate paintings.” Adèle has never actually eaten chocolate due to caffeine (stimulant) and sugar content and I am in the process of quitting chocolate/raw cacao. So, instead, I suggested she use coffee and Adèle loved the idea, as did her friend.

***Disclaimer: Please note that this activity is NOT for babies or toddlers who still put their hands in the mouth and is more suitable for older kids. Also, this site contains affiliate links, and if you decide to purchase anything from suggested links or companies, I may receive a commission. Recommended products are either things I love sing or think would be helpful for you. Making your purchase using these affiliate links helps keep this site running, so thank you kindly!***

Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners TipsWHY SHOULD YOUR CHILD PAINT WITH COFFEE?

  • It’s non toxic.
  • Coffee is easily accessible.
  • It’s an activity that can be done at a cafe – this way you can enjoy coffee together, just in slightly different ways. 🙂
  • The painting will smell like coffee, so this activity is multi-sensory.



  • Use just enough water to melt the coffee – this way it will be nice and rich.
  • Explain that the water is warm/hot so that your child doesn’t get burnt.Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners
  • Dip the brush into your coffee and paint. There are no rules, just observe what your child does without making any suggestions. I’m sure she’ll surprise you. Mine did. 😉


  • Encourage your child to use other materials together with coffee. Pencils, watercolors, markers, whatever they want. Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners Tips
  • Try dipping a pencil into coffee and draw to see what happens.Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners Drawing with Coffee Pencil
  • Put a lot of watery coffee on your paper and blow at it to move it around. You can also blow through a straw.Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners
  • Use a paper towel to lift off coffee for an interesting effect. (Tip: Don’t throw out the paper towel. Instead, unfold it and dry flat – it will make a beautiful paper towel artwork).Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners Lift off paint with paper towel Homemade Liquid Watercolor from Markers
  • Make a “bloom watercolor effect” by allowing drops of coffee and watercolor to mix, or experiment with other water-color effects.Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners Bloom Watercolor Effect
  • If you have a Dropper / Pipette, you can use it with coffee. Adèle wanted to mix coffee with her home-made liquid watercolors and they worked beautifully together. Coffee Painting Techniques for Beginners Bloom Watercolor Effect
  • Next time you are at Starbucks or your local cafe, remember to order a cup of cacao, cocoa or strong coffee for your child so that she can make art on napkins. She can do it with her fingers or the back of a teaspoon and dry the napkin on the saucer. ;)Raw Sugar Free Cacao Gold Plate and Spoon

If you liked this creative idea, save it to Pinterest so that others can try it too! 💖Coffee Painting Tips for Beginners



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