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Folded Book Art Tutorial for Kids

Folded Book Art Tutorial Kids

If you have an old book that is not being used, there is a simple, creative activity that will allow you to transform it into a beautiful sculpture. It’s called Folded Book Art and it will help your child:

  • increase focus
  • improve hand-eye coordination and precision
  • learn some math
  • care for the environment
  • plus, it’s Montessori-friendly


  1. Upcycle / Reuse an old hardcover book with many pages. Hardcover is sturdier for display and easier to use when folding. The book Adèle is using here has over 400 book folded book art pages tutorial
  2. Instruct your child to fold each page in half.Folded Book Art Tutorial for Kids
  3. Step away or sit on yor hands. 🙂 No, really, do not help fold the pages. Trust that your child will follow through to the last page and guide her along the way. Allow her to take brakes if needed and do not comment on how messy or precise the folds are. If you feel the need to comment you can praise your child on hard work and dedication.Folded Book Art Tutorial for Kids
  4. Because books have numbered pages, it makes it easy for your child to keep track of progress. You can even incorporate math into folded book art by pointing out your child’s progress in ratios. Encourage your child by saying something like: “I see that you already folded 1/3 of the book. That is a lot of work. Continue working and you will be half way done.”Folded Book Art Tutorial for Kids
  5. Invite experimentation with folding, especially if your child enjoys the activity. You an even suggest the use of other art materials once the folding is complete.

    Folded Book Art Tutorial Kids

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That’s it. Simple, yet beautiful, isn’t it? By the way, Adèle saw folded book art like this at a library once and that’s what gave her the idea to make one of her own. Since we KonMari-ed all of our books, we did’t have any at home to upcycle. We found this book at a used book shop while traveling in France. It’s called “The Birth of Passion.” It was the only hard cover book at the shop and I find it to be a very poetic title for a first Folded Book Art project, don’t you? 😉

open book folded book art pages tutorial

Have you tried Folded Book Art? If so, remember that I love seeing your child’s creations, so please tag me on Instagram @Rainy.Day.Sunny.Play !


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