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Why Magformers Are a MUST-have Toy!

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Magformers Smart SetIf I could invest in only ONE toy for my child, THIS would be it. Magformers are, by far, my favourite toy and this is why:

  1. Versatility – You can build virtually anything from Magformers.
  2. Easy of use – Even very small children can use them.
  3. Community building – It’s a game that children (and adults) of different ages can play together! It is one of those rare toys which can fascinate people of all ages.Magformers Challenger Set
  4. Magformers are gender neutral which, like Legos, make them a truly universal toy.
  5. It encourages creativity. The variety of creations is only limited to your imagination.
  6. Sensory stimulation – Magfomers make a sound when you attach or detach them and this contributes to positive reinforcement.

The catalogue which comes with it is not the best, but it does offer some ideas. It also has this excellent description of child development and how Magformer’s can help:Magformers


When I first discovered Magformers, I thought that Magformers Standard Set (30-pieces) would be enough for a toddler to start with. Indeed, it is great if you just want your child to try out Magformers or are buying it as an addition to a larger set. Otherwise, if you are looking for toys which will last for years, it is more economical to buy a larger set.

With a small set or any other Magformers themed set, what the child can create is limited. Also, if more than one kid is playing, then sharing is nearly impossible as there are just not enough pieces. To really enjoy Magformers, it is wiser to have more pieces so that the child can truly create anything. The Magformers 112 Piece Challenger Set is the most complete because it has enough pieces to share and enough pieces to build pretty much anything. This is why the Magformers 112 Piece Challenger Set is also the most economical! It is the only one you will ever need, unless your child really enjoys Magformers so much that they want an additional set to make more complex creations. If this is the case, then read on about additional Magformers sets.


An additional set would allow the child to expand on their play with more pieces and options. For example, if your child likes construction vehicles and cars, you could either get additional wheels (which would be cheaper) or the Magformers XL Cruisers Construction 37 Piece Set.Magformers Power Sound 59 Piece SetWhen she was interested in motion and sounds, we got Adèle Magnets in Motion Gear 61 Pieces Set and the Magformers Power Sound 59 Piece Set. It wasn’t very intuitive for her to figure it out, so I downloaded idea booklets from Magformer’s website because our set didn’t come with one.

While the reason for getting Magformers is to allow the child to be inventive and make their own creation, I believe that some type of guidance is necessary and that is what these booklets are for. Especially for younger children who like to copy, it is good to have a visual reference to follow. Then, once they know what some of the possibilities are, they can go on on their own and explore.


Magformers Deluxe 400 Piece Expert SetIf you have the money or a very large family and are looking for a set with many pieces, then go ahead. One of the largest is Magformers Deluxe 400 Piece Expert Set. Otherwise, Magformers 112 Piece Challenger Set is more than enough for hours and hours of imaginative play.

Which is your favorite Magformers set? What are some of the most interesting things that your child has made using Magformers? Remember to tag me on Instagram as @Rainy.Day.Sunny.Play and use the #Rainy.Day.Sunny.Play hashtag. We love seeing your creations!


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