Simple Salt Dough Recipe

HOW TO MAKE SIMPLE, BEAUTIFUL, HANDMADE PAPERWEIGHTS This is 100% Adèle’s idea which she stumbled upon while playing. One day she asked me to help her make playdough. We mixed the following ingredients together: 1 cup flour 1/4 cup salt 1 tbsp olive oil water until the paste became dough-like and non-sticky ***Disclaimer: This post…… Continue reading Simple Salt Dough Recipe


How Sound Blocks Help Babies and Toddlers

HOW SOUND BLOCKS HELP BABIES AND TODDLERS Sound blocks a wonderful sensory toy. Not only are they great for babies, but toddlers love them as well. They help with shape and color recognition. They encourage hand and eye coordination. Sound blocks are excellent for improving visual perception. They help develop the senses of touch, hearing…… Continue reading How Sound Blocks Help Babies and Toddlers

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Why We Use Only Natural Crayons (and You Should, too!)

ARE CRAYONS SAFE? Crayons are probably the most used art materials for kids, but are they safe? The answer is NO! Mainstream crayons are full of harmful products like paraffin  wax (petroleum), plastic (glitter), chemical pigments and even carcinogens like phthalates (fragrances), lead and asbestos (in 2015)! Asbestos is deadly both if ingested and inhaled (even in…… Continue reading Why We Use Only Natural Crayons (and You Should, too!)


12 Safest Teething Toys

Usually, at around 3-4 months of age, your baby will start teething and putting everything in the mouth. Given the amount of time a baby spends doing this, it is imperative to have eco-friendly, organic objects to chew on. So, when offering teethers,  look for ones that don’t leach toxic, harmful chemicals into your baby’s mouth. From…… Continue reading 12 Safest Teething Toys